Alias:Michael Des Barres
Murdoc is an international assasin, employed by H.I.T. an organization escentially dedicated to anarchy. His only blemish to his otherwise spotless record is Mac. He has attempted six times to take Mac out, and has survived "death" as it were, living through being caught in a collapsing building, blown up by dynamite, a fall from a cliff called Widowmaker, drowned in boiling water,a fall into a flooded mine shaft, and finally driving off a cliff. He also appeared in the first western episode as a hired gunman, big suprise... His only meritous actions occured when, after "retiring" from H.I.T., they kidnapped his sister Ashton, and he and Mac freed her only to have Murdoc "die" in a cave in, and his claim of genuine affection toward Penny amidst his fourth attempt on Mac's life.