Alias:Richard Dean Anderson
Born January 23, 1951 in Mission City, Minnesota, Angus MacGyver(his first name is a well kept secret), after graduating from college, he spent some time hellfighting, and is rumored to have spent some time in special forces, though how he could achieve a position like that in the military with out using guns is beyond me, finally getting a job with the DXS(Dept of External Services)thanks to a chance meeting with DXS agent Peter Thornton. When Thornton was appointed Director of Ops at the Phoenix Foundation, Mac was asked to come with him. Mac is a genius when it comes to improvisation. Using his extensive knowledge of chemistry and physics, along with experience with machinery of all types and plenty of imagination, he is able to get himself and his companions out of any kind of danger. He always carries a swiss army knife and sometimes duct tape, never a gun, since his childhood when a close friend was fatally shot while several of them were taking turns with the gun. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and is a sucker for a person who truly needs his help.